– The classic ointment for all.


– The classic ointment for the whole family, from young to old.


– The classic ointment for fitness and sports.


– The classic ointment for dry skin on your ski trip.


– The classic ointment for irritated skin and tattoos.

Helosan® Original

Helosan® Ointment




helosan doftfri

Helosan® contains none artificial fragrances. The scent of mild eucalyptus is natural thanks to our gentle and natural ingredients.

helosan ansvar

We take responsibility for Helosan® and its ingredients to ensure that the brand complies with environmental responsibility, from production to consumption. It is a matter of course for us.

helosan vegansk

Contains carefully selected ingredients that work together to restore the skin’s natural barrier balance. Helosan® is vegan and 100% free of animal ingredients.


The skin is the body’s largest organ. It makes up about 16% of the body’s weight. Its functions are many, among other things- the skin regulates the temperature of the body and protects the body from dehydration and attack by microorganisms. The skin task also means protecting from harmful UV- rays and other harmful substances. Caring for and protecting the skin is important for our health. Read more about dry skin here.

Helosan® saw the light of day as early as 1947 and has almost 70 years of experience in caring for dry and irritated skin. Helosan®’s strength is that it is an excellent ointment that can look after our skin in our Nordic changing climate. Helosan® protects you from wind and weather of all kinds, everything from the dry air of winter cold to the moisture and sun of summer heat.

The classic skin ointment Helosan® contains moisturizing and emollient ingredients that help restore the skin’s natural balance. Helosan® settles as a temporary layer on the skin and gives the skin time to moisturize in order to eventually become resistant to external stresses such as sun, wind, cold and water.

Over time, Helosan® has developed the range with another variant such as Helosan® fotsalva. Choose the variant that suits you best!

All Helosan® products can be used for the whole body, for all skin types and for the whole family – from baby to adult. Extremely flexible and simple that only one product can satisfy all members of the family.

Use Helosan® for

  • All skin types (dry skin, combination skin and oily skin)
  • The whole family, adults and children, people and animals
  • Exposed dry skin areas and skin cracks such as hands, elbows and lips
  • Sore nipples after breastfeeding
  • Skin that is dehydrated and irritated by cold, wind, water and sun
  • For the skin after a tattoo
  • For animal care, such as sore and dry pads on dogs, runny nose problems, dry teats on cows, and as a prevention.

Helosan® is sold everywhere on the Scandinavian market in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway- that’s how you can be sure of Helosan® and its functionality.

Our Values

Helosan® was originally developed to protect the cow’s udder and teats from dehydration and infections in connection with milking. Today, Helosan® is a classic and well-known ointment used as a skin care product for both humans and animals. Our goal with Helosan® is that everyone in the family should be able to use the ointment – by using safe ingredients and gentle handling. Helosan®’s brand is also Cruelty Free and vegan.


The Helosan® family consists of a number of the best and most gentle skin care products. Last but not least, the Helosan® products are adapted to the Cosmetics Ordinance, which regulates and approves the chemical substances in all cosmetics and skin care. This means that Helosan® is an approved brand of the EU and so are all our products.

Helosan® is made with unique, gentle, moisturizing and emollient ingredients that help restore the skin’s natural balance, Helosan® is particularly suitable for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Scandinavia sometimes offers a raw climate with cold winds – no less than Helosan® is at work when the skin becomes chapped and dry.


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