Do you make sure to take care of your feet so that there is no hard skin, heel cracks or dry and damaged skin?

Let your feet and the choice of foot care get the same attention as choosing a bed that suits your back and skin care that suits your skin type.


Take care of your feet

Some of the very first indications that your feet are not as healthy as they could be are heat, redness or swelling in your feet. All three can of course occur after a long day in a standing position, either at work or after a hike or the like. There may also be inflammatory conditions or diseases that require professional help.

When we talk about unhealthy and dry feet, it can also be something as simple as dry and hard skin and corns etc. that create the problems. Dry and hard skin occurs mainly because the feet have been neglected for some reason and because they lack moisture and care. Dry skin can occur whether it is summer or winter, spring or autumn.

Tips to avoid dry feet

There are many suggestions on what you can do to keep your feet warm and comfortable. However, the most important thing is to make sure you give your feet the moisture and care they need, just as it is important to know how to avoid dry feet, hard skin and heel cracks.

Buy proper shoes

First and foremost, it is important to wear the right shoes that allow the feet to breathe and give them the support they need. Not only can the wrong shoes be uncomfortable to wear, they can also cause hard skin and corns that can be both painful and difficult to get rid of. Last but not least, it can make a lot of sense to change shoes during the day – for example, put on a pair of sensible shoes when you go to work and change sandals or slippers shoes when you are at work if the opportunity arises.

In addition to shoes, it is important to remember to choose the right socks. This is because plastic creates friction, which forms hard skin that can eventually result in corns. This is why nylon socks are not your feet best friends either. Cotton socks, on the other hand, are really good – even if you sleep with them at night, after you have lubricated your feet well in a moisturizing cream or ointment to treat your dry feet.

Scrub your feet regularly

It is a common misconception that the best way to remove hard skin from your feet is to file away with a foot file. In fact, a foot file can give even harder skin and this is one of the worst if you want healthy feet. Instead of the foot file, you can get really far with a good scrub and the right care products that moisturize the depth. Therefore, use a good foot scrub for the healthiest feet a couple of times a week when you are still in the shower. Always make sure to dry your feet properly – especially between your toes – to avoid athlete’s foot

Lubricate your feet

Just as you probably lubricate your skin with lotion after you have been in the shower, you should also always remember to lubricate your feet – especially when you have been in the shower. The water from the bath helps to dry out the skin. Always make sure you choose a cream or ointment that contains the right moisturizer, vitamins and minerals.

Give your feet a little extra attention

It may sound like a cliché, but sometimes your feet also need a little extra pampering. Of course, you may have the right kit at home with all kinds of care products for when your feet really need the big turn. Alternatively, going to a professional podiatrist can be a good investment. Dry feet or not.

Let your feet be free!

Although there can be no doubt that a summer in sandals can be hard on the feet, it is still good for our feet to be aired well and carefully through from time to time. When you let your feet air, however, it is important that it takes place indoors and on soft surfaces, because you risk becoming hard skin if, for example, you walk on bare toes on asphalt – in the summer, asphalt and tiles can otherwise become so hot that you risk to burn your feet if you walk on it without shoes.

Choose Helosan ointment

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