Summer, winter, autumn and spring. In the Nordic countries, we are fortunate to have changing seasons, each with its own good sides. But each season also brings some challenges for skin, feet and hands. Helosan® foot ointment is specially adapted for foot care. The foot ointment is based on the same beneficial ingredients that you find in the Helosan® original. Therefore, Helosan® is also well suited for the treatment of dry and cracked skin on the feet. In addition to the ordinary moisturizing ingredients, Helosan® foot ointment also contains urea and lactic acid, which helps to soften hard skin and makes the feet soft and supple so that they can withstand both sandals, rubber boots and boots. As an added bonus, the lactic acid inhibits bad odor from the feet.

Dry feet

After a long winter when the feet have been trapped in thick socks, shoes and boots, it can be a relief to finally be able to air your toes in open shoes. Unfortunately, it is often the case that when the feet get air, such as in the summer, they become dry and dull to look at. Lack of foot care can also cause heel cracks, which can make it difficult to support the heel – especially in the new, delicious summer shoes with high heels!

Some of the first signs of heel cracks are the white edges that form on the back of the heels. If they are not treated in time, bleeding cracks can occur. Therefore, it is important to take care of their feet and give them good care in the summer. You can do this, for example, with Helosan® foot ointment, which gives the skin exactly what it needs after a day in the open; moisture, fat and nutrition.

In urgent care of heel cracks and the like, it can be good to lubricate your feet before you go to bed in the evening and wear cotton socks when you sleep. Then the feet get the intensive treatment with moisture and care that they may need to get rid of the heel cracks. If you have very hard skin on the heels or other places on the feet, you can file the feet properly with a good foot file before lubricating them with Helosan® foot ointment.

Can be used by both children and adults

As with all other care products, it is important for us at Helosan® to create skin ointments that everyone can use. That’s why we have developed a product that the whole family can use with Helosan® foot ointment – just like with Helosan® original.

Helosan® foot ointment is available in packs of 10 g and 100 g.