The cow’s teats are much more sensitive than anywhere else on the animal’s body. This is because the teats have thin skin and no sweat glands. In addition, in connection with the daily milking and washing with water, the teat skin is exposed to external stresses that can create dry and irritated skin, which can ultimately lead to unpleasant infections.

Skin disorders on the teats can in themselves pose significant risks of infection and also affect milk production, but in severe cases it can also cause infections to move into the udder and cause mastitis. Mastitis is described as an inflammation or infection of the mammary glands and occurs when the mammary gland is infected with one or more organisms.

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This is most often noticed in the form of bacteria or fungi. Mild to moderate mastitis can cause environmental changes and alter udder tissue. In severe cases, the general condition of the cow can be affected by fever. Unfortunately, mastitis is the most common and most lethal disease among Sweden’s dairy cows.

There are thus several reasons to protect and take care of the cow’s teats in connection with milking. Both in relation to how much milk the individual cone gives, but to a large extent also in relation to any veterinary bills and risk of infection. Below are a number of tips for optimal skin care in cows and other cattle.

Tips for your cows – Helosan® Original skin ointment

Helosan’s goal is only to manufacture care products that naturally nurture and protect, as well as that they are produced under ethically correct conditions.

A good piece of advice when we talk about tips for cows is to choose a mild ointment that has been developed for use for the specific purpose – to take care of the cow’s sensitive skin. The ointment is used to great advantage after milking to keep the udder and teats soft and elastic. In the same way, Helosan original can be used for the care of bulls and bull calves if tears occur on the scrotum or other exposed areas of the animal.

Helosan original adds an available layer to the cow’s skin, which also gives the skin time to moisturize. Similarly, when you use the Helosan original to care for the cow’s udders or other exposed areas, you will find that the lubricated areas become more resistant to external influences such as sun, wind, cold and water – some of the most important factors. when we talk about dehydration of the skin, whether it is humans or animals.

Helosan® Foot Ointment – extra moisture boost

If the skin around the cow’s udder (or elsewhere on the cow’s body) is extra dry, it can be a great advantage to lubricate with Helosan Foot Ointment. The ointment is developed with the same carefully selected ingredients that you find in Helosan Original, but has a significantly higher fat content. The ointment adds an optimal combination of skin-friendly fats that provide intense hydration and in a natural way help to protect and strengthen the skin barrier. Helosan foot ointment also contains urea and lactic acid, which makes the skin extra soft and supple. This is why Helosan Foot Ointment is the perfect choice if your cow needs extra intensive care of dry and irritated skin. Like Helosan Original, Helosan ointment also contains gentle ingredients without the risk of endocrine disruption. Be sure to care for and moisturize the cow’s skin with products from Helosan.