Helosan original is perfect for the care of sensitive dog paws. The skin on the paws is similar in many respects to human skin in the sense that it is dried out by cold, sun, water and wind. In addition, extra harsh weather conditions such as snow and associated road salt can further dry out the dog’s paws, causing them to become sore and eventually crack. A good idea to prevent dry and cracked paws is to lubricate them daily and until the dog’s paws are moisturized and soft again. You should also pay attention to moisturizing the dog’s elbows and snout as even these areas tend to become dry.


A good piece of advice when it comes to tips for dogs and their skin care is to choose a product that both takes care of, protects and soothes the irritated or damaged skin. For relief and care of dry dog ​​paws, it is recommended to use large amounts of Helosan original. The ointment contains moisturizing and emollient substances and is especially suitable for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. This is partly because the ointment’s unique formula contains substances that are similar to the skin’s natural barrier fats.

The Helosan original settles as an available layer on your dog’s skin, giving the skin time to moisturize. By using Helosan original for your dog’s dry skin, you will also find that the treated areas become more resistant to external influences such as sun, wind, cold and water.

On dogs with flat noses, such as pugs and some Bulldog breeds, it is a common known problem that the skin around the muzzle can become dry and irritated. If you have a dog with a flat nose, it is therefore a really good idea to lubricate this area regularly with Helosan original to moisturize and moisturize.

Tips for dogs – Helosan® foot ointment

Last but not least, if your dog’s skin is extra dry, you can with great advantage treat and care with Helosan foot ointment. The foot ointment contains urea and lactic acid, which accelerates the skin’s hydration. The ointment is perfect for the care of paws that have become dry and cracked in connection with e.g. hunting or similar activities.