As with cows and pigs, horses may also have a tendency to have dry and irritated skin. This is especially true for riding horses where we often see cracks in the corner of the mouth where the bite is located. It can also irritate skin that occurs as a result of the saddle, bridle and other equipment, either because it is sitting incorrectly or simply because the horse wears it for several hours during a day. Chafing and irritated skin due to dry skin is especially common on hot summer days when the horse gets hot and sweaty. Likewise, cracks and skin changes around the horse’s code joint (the joint that sits just above the horse’s hooves) can occur because this area is constantly exposed to dirt and bacteria from different environments. Helosan’s products offer gentle skin care for horses that prevents dry skin and protects them from abrasions and other problems that can occur as a result of irritated and damaged skin.

Prevent skin changes and skin cracks

The skin is the body’s protection against the harsh evil world and it is important that the skin is kept intact, otherwise the horse can suffer from infections. There are many reasons why the horse suffers from skin conditions. Moisture, dirt and mud, for example in wet seasons with muddy pastures and soil, means that owners often scrub the horse’s legs to keep them clean. This causes micro-damage to the skin which in turn causes conditions such as dry and irritated skin. Lack of nutrients, poor immune system and not least insects are also significant for the development of skin conditions on horses. Knobs, mosquitoes and brakes are troublesome insects for the skin. There are also ticks and flies that you might normally think less about when it comes to skin problems. 

Relieve the discomfort

For relief and care of skin cracks, irritated skin and skin changes around the vertebrae, Helosan original is a perfect choice. With its unique formula, the ointment acts as a natural protection on the irritated area, provides long-lasting hydration and promotes the skin’s own repair process. In addition, the applied ointment can help protect the horse’s skin from insect bites by flies, mosquitoes and mites by forming a kind of protective patch – especially when the horse is out. Helosan Original is also an excellent choice as skin care for the horse’s mouth pores and / or in other exposed areas. Helosan helps the skin to become more resistant to external influences such as sun, wind, cold and water – some of the most important factors when we talk about dehydration of the skin, whether it is humans or animals.

Treat extra dry skin

If the horse suffers from extra dry skin or if there are areas that need a more intensive moisture reinforcement, Helosan Foot Ointment can be used to great advantage. The ointment contains the same gentle and caring ingredients that you find in Helosan Original but which have a significantly higher fat content. In addition, it contains urea and lactic acid. These ingredients make the skin extra soft and supple. This is why Helosan Foot Ointment is the perfect choice if your horse needs extra intensive care for dry and irritated skin.


Helosan is sold everywhere in the Scandinavian market, in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway and can be bought in grocery stores, pharmacies, in grocery stores and in hardware stores in the sizes 100 g, 300 g, 1 kg and 2.5 kg.