When we perform physical activities, we often expose both muscles and joints to extreme conditions that require subsequent extension and perhaps even care from a chiropractor, physiotherapist or the like. But very few people are also aware that the skin on both hands, feet, face, etc. is also exposed to extreme conditions that require good, solid skin care to avoid dry, irritated and maybe even damaged skin.

Helosan® Skin Ointment for all sports & activities

When we, in addition to outdoor sports, the skin on the face and hands is particularly exposed to cold, heat, sun, frost, etc., depending on when in the year the sport is practiced. In winter, the skin is particularly prone to dehydration and in summer, the sun’s hot rays stress the skin’s protective barrier – both require intensive skin care in the form of preventive care but also largely subsequent care with emollient and moisturizing skin ointment such as Helosan Original. With its unique formula, Helosan works deeply, softens the skin and adds skin-friendly fats that promote the skin’s own repair process, while the ointment settles as a temporary layer that provides hydration and protection against dehydration.

Helosan® Original skin ointment for runners

Most runners run in all kinds of weather. Rain, snow, on summer days or on windy autumn days. As previously mentioned, good skin care is important in this case, both on the face and on the hands, but since the feet are also exposed to wear and tear during the running round, it is important to ensure both preventive and moisturizing skin care. With good foot care, you avoid dry skin on the feet and in the worst case, heel cracks that can lead to the driving being put on for a period of time until the painful cracks in the heels have healed again.

Helosan® Original skin ointment for cyclists

For cyclists – indoors and outdoors – Helosan original is an ideal product for use as trouser grease. Whether you are into road cycling, mountain biking or indoor track riding, it is a good idea to use trouser grease to protect the skin in the lower areas. For example, the skin between the buttocks to reduce the risk of soreness and inflammatory conditions due to abrasion and friction. The advantage of using Helosan original as trouser grease is that the ointment is extremely gentle on the skin, vegan and completely fragrance-free. Thus, the Helosan original is also perfect for use in precisely those areas that are extra exposed in relation to thin, delicate skin, mucous membranes, etc.

Sport and activity in the sun’s strong rays

When you play sports in the summer, on the hot summer days, it is often a really good idea to first and foremost make sure to protect yourself from sunburn. This is best done with a sunscreen or ointment that contains a sufficiently high sun factor. Be sure to apply a lot and also lubricate several times daily for optimal effect.

In addition, you should always – after being in the sun for a long time at a time – make sure to take care of your skin with a product that moisturizes the skin and allows it to recover from the sun’s external stress. Helosan Original contains carefully selected moisturizing ingredients that together create a synergistic effect that promotes the supply of moisture to the skin and keeps it soft and supple, while it adds skin-friendly fats that promote the skin’s own repair process and provide long-lasting hydration and protection against dehydration.

Skin care on the ski holiday

In connection with a ski holiday, many people have experienced what it is like to come home after a long day on the slopes only to discover that where the ski goggles have been sitting all day – yes, there is now a really nice drawing of yourself the same thing because the sun has really taken hold of her cheeks, nose and forehead. It is therefore just as important that you remember to lubricate yourself with large amounts of sunscreen during your skiing holiday where the sun goes down – both to avoid the above but largely to avoid annoying and painful burns.

In addition, you expose your skin to sometimes harsh weather conditions in the form of cold, frost, snow and wind on your skiing holiday. That is, some of the worst factors when it comes to dry and irritated skin. It is therefore a really good idea to remember to bring a good, oily ointment that you can take care of your skin with both morning and evening to just prevent the skin from drying out. For this purpose, you can use Helosan original to great advantage, just as Helosan foot ointment is the perfect care product for the care of tired feet.