Helosan® original is the original skin ointment. It was created in 1947 as a wound and teat ointment for cows. Originally, the ointment was developed to heal and relieve wounds and cracks on teats and udders, caused by for example, trampling injuries, barbed wire or dehydration. Even today many people call it teat ointment.

Most people know how uncomfortable it can be with dry and irritated skin, not only because it often makes the skin red and scaly but it also often causes itching and burning. Itching and burning joints are at high risk of further skin irritation. Therefore, it is important for your own sake to care for the skin immediately upon detection of dry or irritated skin area. Helosan® also strengthens your skin in a preventative way that ultimately helps to restore the skin’s natural balance.

Gentle skin ointment

Helosan original has unique moisture-retaining and emollient properties. The ointment quickly restores dry and irritated skin and makes it soft and smooth, regardless of whether the dryness has been caused by internal or external factors.

One of the biggest advantages of the Helosan® original is the unique and extremely gentle composition. Helosan® original is suitable for use by the whole family, both adults and children, young and old. It can also be used for all different skin types. Such as combination skin, dry skin or oily skin.

Helosan® original, like several of our other products- can be bought in grocery stores, pharmacies, online stores, DIY stores, pet stores and garden stores. The ointment is available in packs of

10 g, 100 g, 300 g, 1 kg and 2.5 kg.



Just as it was intended from the beginning, the Helosan® original can still be used today for the care of animals’ sensitive skin on udders, pads, etc. It is still used, among other things for the treatment of cracks on the cows’ teats and udders when the daily milking results in dry and sensitive skin.

In addition, Helosan® original and Helosan® foot ointment are ideal for use on dry pads in both dogs and cats. Dry pads risk cracking, which is painful for your pet, but is a large problem that can be easily avoided with preventative care. During the winter, roads and sidewalks are salted, make sure your pets are lubricated after your walks to avoid cracked pads.