Tattoos require special skin care routines because you want to preserve and protect the skin and the ink used in the treatment, the needle works on the dermis and is there to stay. This means that for each individual stitch made with the needle, a small damage is caused to the skin which both irritates the skin and can create infections if the aftercare is not handled correctly.

Tattooing is – and has been for many years – an extremely popular way to creatively decorate your body. In particular, fashion trends in recent years have meant that even visible tattoos can actually be considered part of the individual’s way of expressing themselves. When considering skin care products for the aftercare of a new tattoo, it is important that you choose soft and at the same time moisturizing products, therefore it is also ideal to use Helosan for tattooing.

Choose the right tattoo artist

Unfortunately, there are many amateur tattoo artists on the market. This can lead to poor hygiene or your tattoo being affected and suffering.

Therefore, when choosing a tattoo artist to do your new tattoo, there are also a number of different things that you should think about in advance for your own sake. First and foremost, you should make sure that the tattoo artist in question is 100% in everything, from colors to needles and hygiene. It is important that the tattoo artist only works with sterilized equipment, otherwise you risk infection in the tattoo (which must undergo the same healing process as a normal wound).

Also choose a tattoo parlor that is clean and stylish. This is often an indication in relation to whether hygiene is top class. Last but not least, you should always ask the tattoo artist what colors he or she uses in connection with the tattoo and why the choice has just been made on these. This way, you do not risk entering a place where dubious products and equipment are used that the skin cannot tolerate.

Below are some tips on how you can easily take care of your new tattooed skin and achieve the best possible results.


Gently wash the tattoo with mild soap and lukewarm water after removing the protective plastic wrap.

Let the tattoo air dry.

Lubricate the tattoo with a mild and unscented ointment.

Wash the tattoo once daily with mild soap and lukewarm water.

Apply the tattoo with skin ointment five times a day until the scab is completely gone. Then the lubrication process gradually slows down

Therefore, you should choose Helosan ointment

At the end of the skin there is a natural layer of fat that protects against dehydration and keeps the skin soft and supple. These fats are the skin’s most important barrier against dehydration. When you tattoo your skin, it is temporarily damaged. If the skin becomes dry, healing of the tattoo takes longer and you risk that the skin becomes irritated and small wounds can occur, which in turn can cause infections and eczema. For this care and for irritations, many tattoo artists recommend Helosan for tattooing because you get skin care products that moisturize deeply while they do not contain dyes, perfumes or parabens and thus are extremely gentle on the skin.


It is important that you pay attention to protecting your tattoo from the strong rays of the sun. Since the tattoo initially consists of many small wounds, you will probably experience itching around the tattoo at some point in the healing process. This is completely natural, but can be extremely troublesome for the individual. Never tear or scratch the scab that is there while the skin heals. Always wash your hands before touching your newly made tattoo. Then you reduce the risk of infection and your tattoo retains its beautiful appearance longer.

Helosan® for skin care for tattoos

Helosan original is a mild and skin-friendly ointment, gentle on the skin and free of perfume and that is exactly why many tattoo artists recommend Helosan for tattooing and subsequent care. It contains moisturizing and emollient substances that are similar to the skin’s natural protective barrier fat. The ointment is a protective layer on the skin and it gives the skin time to moisturize and repair itself and become resistant to external influences such as sun, water and cold. Helosan restores the skin’s natural balance and is suitable for caring for tattoos.