When can the Helosan original (blue tube) be used?

Helosan is an emollient over-all-round ointment for dry and irritated skin immediately upon discovery of the need.

Helosan original can be used to advantage for:

  • Adults and children, humans and animals.
  • In the diaper region of young children.
  • Dry and cracked hands, feet, elbows, knees, cheeks, lips, etc.)
  • Skin that has been dried out by cold, heat or moisture, for example after sun and bathing.
  • Skin irritations.
  • After shaving.
  • Newly tattooed skin.
How does the Helosan original work?

Helosan original is a skin ointment that makes dry, sensitive and irritated skin soft and supple. Helosan settles as a temporary layer on the skin and gives the skin time to moisturize and become resistant to external influences such as sun, wind, cold and water. The ointment also helps to restore the skin’s natural balance.

Can Helosan be used for both animals and humans?

Correct, Helosan was originally developed to protect and repair the teats of dairy cows. The maidens who anointed Helosan on the cows’ teats, however, discovered that even their dry and cracked hands became soft and fine from the ointment. Today, Helosan is a well-known skin care product that protects and moisturizes your skin.

Does Helosan contain any dyes or parabens?


Does Helosan contain perfume?

No, Helosan does not contain any artificial perfume. Helosan contains Eucalyptus Globulus which is a natural oil that ensures that the ointment has a mild and pleasant scent.

Does Helosan contain any animal ingredients?

No, Helosan is completely free of animal ingredients, which means that Helosan is 100% vegan!

Is Helosan an endocrine disruptor?

No, Helosan does not contain endocrine disruptors. Our ingredients are safe and gentle for the user.

Can Helosan be used to care for tattooed skin?

Yes, Helosan is an excellent choice for those who want to make their tattooed skin soft and supple. The ointment is light but light on the skin – this means that the gentle ointment does not smudge and is unpleasant.

Are the rumors true that Helosan may have a bleaching effect on the tattoo?

No, that’s not correct. Helosan ointment is a white substance that works its way into the skin and has a long-lasting result where the ointment is found on the skin. Therefore, it may appear that the skin around the lubricated area has become slightly lighter during the treatment period.

Where can you buy Helosan?

Helosan can be bought in your grocery store and at a pharmacy.

Does it make a difference if you apply a very thin or very thick layer of Helosan ointment?

It is very individual – it depends on how fast your body absorbs the ointment. In general, we would say that the difference is not that big. As long as you apply just enough ointment, the ointment cares just as much depending on the amount. While the ointment is on the skin, it can be comfortable not to apply too much until it becomes sticky. Feel free to try until you arrive at how much ointment your body can absorb at each occasion.

How does Helosan ointment work?

Helosan foot ointment is specially adapted for the care of the feet. It contains the same substances as the Helosan original with the addition of urea and lactic acid. Helosan ointment dissolves hardened skin around the feet and softens the area. Foot ointment also counteracts bad odor and inhibits the appearance of athlete’s feet by lowering the skin’s pH value.

When can Helosan ointment be used?

Helosan ointment is used for daily care of your feet.

Helosan foot ointment is also used to advantage for:

  • Adults and children, humans and animals.
  • Daily foot care.
  • Moisturizes and softens dry, sensitive and irritated skin, such as feet, elbows and knees.
  • For animals for moisturizing, for example, dry and tender pads.
Why is a high fat percentage important?

Helosan contains vegetable glycerin (glycerol) which is a natural moisture and fat donor that gives a fantastic feeling on the skin. Glycerin attracts moisture from the environment and encapsulates it in the skin. Thanks to its close-to-skin pH value, it is excellent for use on both sensitive skin and infants.

Is it just a high fat percentage that gives the good effect of Helosan?

The high fat content contributes greatly to Helosan’s success in terms of soft and supple skin. It also makes the remaining gentle ingredients and scents that are natural and vegetable.

Does Helosan contain less water than other ointments?

When you compare between ointments, creams and lotions, you find that the ointment is the one with the lowest water content and with the highest fat content. This means that Helosan is on the list of ointments with low water content.

Can Helosan be used for psoriasis and other skin conditions?

Helosan is suitable for relieving dry, sensitive and irritated skin with a weakened skin barrier and can be used for skin care together with other medicinal products for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases. However, the ointment does not cure the problems or make the problems disappear as Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease. Helosan simply relieves the discomfort and prevents the area from becoming dry and irritated.

Can Helosan be used for infants?

Quite correctly, Helosan can be used on infants.

Can Helosan be used for skin problems in intimate areas?

All superficial areas on the body such as buttocks, nipples and around the groin can be lubricated with Helosan ointment to soften dry and irritated skin.

Other questions

Can Helosan be used for dry and cracked hands due to dehydration with frequent use of rubbing alcohol?

During times of infections and other periods where the skin is extra dry from rubbing alcohol, it is excellent to use Helosan ointment to soften the skin. Spray your hands as usual – then apply Helosan to the back of your hands to avoid sticky palms.

What is the difference between lotion, cream and ointment?

The difference lies in the relationship between fat and water content – the common purpose is that all three moisturize the skin with the help of different ingredients. The ointment is the one with the lowest water content and a high fat content just like Helosan has.

Can Helosan be safely used as trouser grease for cycling?

It is excellent to use Helosan to soften the area around the thighs that end up in friction when cycling and other activities. Thanks to the fat content and longevity, Helosan maintains moisture to reduce abrasions between the thighs and legs.

Can Helosan help my feet when I run a lot?

If you exercise a lot or exercise often, your feet tend to take a little beating while you are active. To maintain the flexibility of the feet, it is important to both file and soften the feet at regular intervals. In this way, abrasions are also avoided as the feet are not hard and unpleasant against the shoe.

With Helosan Foot Ointment, you can easily soften the heels and between the toes for a comfortable feeling out on the run.

What advantage does Helosan have for working hands?

Hands that often have to endure stressful environments often tend to get calluses, discolored nails and abrasions. With the help of Helosan ointment, such results are easily avoided as the ointment softens and keeps the lubricated area fresh with the help of the mild Eucalyptus scent.

If you wear rough gloves at work, you can also lubricate your hands just before putting on the gloves to avoid unpleasant frictions between the hand and the rough glove.

Animal-related questions:

Can I use Helosan for my dog?

Helosan is excellent to use for all animals that need it. Also cats, horses and other fur animals. Around the nose, paws and where the skin is dry or irritated.